The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Party Time

So our head of LMSS is retiring at the end of December so we had a retirement party for him tonight. I had taken one of our old AV bags and cut it down. Had another assistant do the lettering of all the middle schools and I presented it to him this afternoon. Had a great day at work. Did a quick book talk. Shelved non-fiction. Put up a 'no more sharks' sign. Put new books up on the tops of shelves. Checked out books. Had a girl and this boy being all cutesy with each other. She was like "I call him my stalker.." totally flirting so I told them to settle down and stop being cutesy with each other and the girl was like "you are so stupid! I do not like him, I have a boyfriend!!" then she put her book on the counter and left. I just had to crack up! Got some of my repair books back out today. Did a lot of emails on kids that wanted books from other schools, wanted to see if they could work off fines from other schools. Had one girl finish off her work for me today, nearly $30 worth of fines she worked and paid off for me. I was so impressed with her! Got math books ready for checking out tomorrow. Had a student that needed another place to be for ten minutes so I put him to work. Cleaning off a chair that had gum on it, wiping down talbels. Another student came in later and I had him putting away science books in the back. Left at 3 to go to the retirement party. I will miss Steve. I'm so glad I got to meet him and work with him. I will miss him horribly.

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