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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cotton Pickin' Book

Today I had five classes come in to renew or check out new books for over the holidays. So excited to see all the students come in! Worked on a new PermaBound list for old books that are just going to be around a long time so made up a list for some new Series of Unfortunate Events books. Got in the last of the Sabotaged books requested by a teacher so let her know they were ready. Had our December Fire Drill with our new procedure today so we were glad to get that one done with all the rain we've been having. It was dry! One of our teachers retires on Friday and her last day is tomorrow, so I was very glad to see that a book I had requested for her from another school made it in this afternoon! She was so happy to get it. It'll be in one of her last lessons. Glad it came in on time! I took it up to her and she had a cotton plant in her room so the students could see how it looked, how you picked it, all the seeds in it. Very cool! Had a math class come in to exchange books. Had a student bring in a book that had gotten wet and she just put it away in her locker. The whole top corner had gotten wet and started to mold, so I let her know she'd have to pay for it. LEAP came into the library after school, so I closed off my office and back room and played Pandora while I laminated and worked on the last of the Filling and Wrapping Math books. Got notice from Escape Fiction that my OBOB books were in, so I stopped by on my way into work to pick them up so I can send them off to the LMSS office to be processed and get back by January! 

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