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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Quick, Book Talk!

Had Mrs. M's classes in today and when they came in the student teacher asked if I was ready for a book talk, ah no! I had no idea, so I browsed the shelves and came up with a couple and got to read from Wee Free Men, complete with the Feegles and accents! It was fun! Had the DLC class in today for their usual Thursday 2nd period time in the library. I love when they come in, but then I have to put all their books away because even though they didn't check any out, they love putting them in our drop box! Love them! Had a teacher come in and ask for some winter books out of our Everybody (picture) books. She had two, so I found two more for her. Had a request for tomorrow to help the students with picking out mysteries and science fiction. So I took my mystery list and printed up a science fiction list and got a cart with genres on either side. I hope I can help them figure out a better method for picking a book! So hopefully they'll get the idea with the book selections! Did more weeding today and am getting through the 800's - that should take too much longer. Had our study hall teacher, Mr. S call just before I left, he sounded horrible!! He has a doctor appointment tomorrow and asked if I could take the TV cart down to his room for the sub, and if I could get in his cabinet for the video he had in there of the Lion King. Alas, I could not get into the cabinet, but sent him an email that I would just bring mine in, for him not to worry nor send in his lovely wife to retrieve it. I also found a very old VHS tape of 'How they made Star Wars' complete with hosts C3PO and R2D2! With the new movie coming out tomorrow, the kids might enjoy that more!

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