The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

Gorgeous beautiful day on the way in this morning, I even had ice on my windshield! I go into our beautiful gorgeous library and get ready for the senior CIS class I'm helping with today. They are going to work on their financial aid sort, but the computers are so slow, they barely get into the sort before the bell rings. Mr. T escorts three students to me to get their CRLS paper done and turned in before the end of the day. They all get finished before lunch. I help one of our aides put away books and I cover some books, and spend the rest of the day repairing from my pile. Beowulf is all done and ready for next year. Mr. W sees how I've organized the science teacher materials and thanks us all for all the hard work we do in the library. He says we really don't get thanked enough. Lisa and I make a deposit for the week. It's 3:45 and homework club and my Nanoers all need to go home! As do I!

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