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Monday, November 3, 2008

Sprague's first Nanowrimo Write In!

I'm excited to get to work today since it's Sprague's first Nanowrimo Write In! November is National Novel Writing Month and I've participated the last two years, so I decided to offer it here, after consulting with office administration and the English Instructional Leaders, they gave it a thumbs up. I print off a couple more pages of advertising - three 'caution' signs saying "Novelists at Work" go in the lab. Two tear off the website posters, one on the library door, another by where the buses let off so kids can still participate on their own. Then a 'collective word count' on the bulletin board outside the workroom. I process some new CD's for the speech team and have my aide finish remarking the Biology shelves. I begin to reorganize the teacher material shelves starting with the 'Business' section. I find stuff everywhere. I process the ones that need it, clean out some shelves and finish that section. Next is 'English'. I have to pull a few things off the shelf and will work on that tomorrow. I have to tell a kid to head back to class since he's been sent to the computer lab to work on a project and is playing games instead. I caught him three times. I had forgotten about the staff meeting in the library this afternoon, so I ask a teacher with a computer lab if we can borrow it for the afternoon. I need to be there at all times and I agree to that. I pass out some of the workbooks, collect kids and get them to head on over. I end up having six kids working and typing like crazy to get in a word count for the day, it was exciting to see them work so hard. The rest of the month we'll be in the blue computer lab in the library. Fridays will be games and treats for those that worked so hard over the week. They are great kids.

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