The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deleting Withdrawn Texts

Today I work on cleaning up the withdrawn texts from Trac-It. When we withdraw a book, the system will delete it, unless it has information on it's comment record. We have about 74 texts that refuse to withdraw! So I go in and delete the comments from each record and then they finally all clear. I also get an e-mail from Ms. S on a textbook count for Homes Today and Tomorrow. We don't have enough for a class - though we show there's 35 copies available. I don't find a new edition, but I do find that there is a close out on the edition we have and they are able to be purchased for $23 each. So that may be an option for them. I process magazines and finish up some more repairs from yesterday. I get information for Ms. H on a Signing DVD for a replacement copy. I have my aide go around and start to clean up all the Nanowrimo posters from around school. We get a request from North for A Christmas Carol, so I check them out, package them up and send them off.

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