The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Got up early and met Ms. H (7:30am) down at LMSS (Library Media Support Services) for the annual book giveaway. We spent an hour down there looking at the books they were giving away and choosing the 13 we were allowed for our school and the 23 Read 180 books. We had to get them on carts and stamp them all. We (Ms. J & I) sat down with her when we got back, since she'd been gone, and got caught up to speed. I finished up the Novel spreadsheet and sent that to her. We also have a 'shared novel' list that Ms. F had kept up while she was the teacher librarian here at Sprague, so I said I would take that over. This is a list from all the high schools and we can borrow and trade back and forth in the district. I had to e-mail Ms. F to see what she did to edit that list. I worked on some repairs, then relabeled the shelves in the back - I had handwritten in with arrows the new titles we'd gotten in, so now they are all on the data base and on the shelves. Checked out Ordinary People to a class and laminated posters. Reminded my Nanoers that grades are due by the end of the day tomorrow! That is much more important than the Nanowrimo word count! Got some magazines in, but will process them tomorrow.

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