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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inservice Day

Today was our inservice day and we were provided training on the new updated Insignia on-line version. It was very informative and a cleaner look. A rep from Insignia was there to lead us through the new site and was taking recommendations on what else they could do to make the site easier and able to fit our needs. We discussed the site specifics and individual 'school' needs versus what may be 'district' needs in formatting and setting up programs. Another step in getting textbooks onto Insignia was looked at and much discussion with the librarian from Houck (who does not have Trac-It - our usual textbook program) and what she sees working with it and what still needs to be tweaked. This is something that will come down eventually as Trac-It's creator has retired and how long we will have support is uncertain, whereas Insignia is supported and will be district wide with textbooks traced through a student whichever school they attend. A very good meeting with lots of informative discussion. We will also get a download from the rep on the new changes.

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