The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Gray Day

Today a tragedy fell upon a teacher as her husband passed away unexpectedly. We are hosting some of her classes and help cope with the influx of students. We seem to spend a lot of the day monitoring the computer lab usage. I have to close down several windows that are on inappropriate sites (gaming). I work on collecting data for my table of novel use and have two aides help pull novels and put them back once I've noted the last time they were checked out. I start working spreadsheet for the data. I hand out more workbooks, show a student how to cover books. I help with working out the new library media job description worksheets. I also do an article for The Torch, our newsletter, on National Novel Writing Month and turn that into Lisa. I help out at the front desk, assist students in acquiring books for projects and discuss how we view the library and it's role in the Sprague community. One of the staff comes by and asks if we'd like to help out with meals for the family as a library entity and I tell her of course. A grey rainy day, outside and in.

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