The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Repairs

Today started with helping a student look for some books on organics for a report. She found one in our library and I let her know there were other books available in the district and let us know if she'd like one so we can have it sent over. Another student was looking for works by Marx and McNary has The Communist Manifesto so BJ will order it for him for his report. I received an e-mail to go ahead and barcode ten of the French 2 Workbooks for students to check out so I did that. I check out books for a returning student and welcomed him back. Put money in print accounts, helped a student attach a paper to e-mail so he can work on it at home tonight. Made up a project for our substitute help while Lisa is gone. We've talked about the number of books in our collection that no one's ever checked out. Unfortunately the list does not have the call numbers on it, so we run off some of the 247 pages and the subs can fill in the numbers. There will be Reference books on there that no one can check out, but there may be lots of old fiction and outdated non-fiction that we can clean out to make room for some new things. Ran the front desk after school was out, cleaned up for tomorrow when BJ gets in. Repaired books again today, cleaning up yesterday's starts, my list is down to only one page long now! There are still books on the shelves that need help, but I want to get through this pile first.

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