The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is a day for magazines. I get in Time, Bicycling, Asimov's, People and one of our new ones, Skipping Stones. Lisa comes over and we go through it, mostly by kids for kids and it comes out of Eugene. We get a good book title from their reviews, and Lisa finds a good article for her diversity studies for students. A good pick. I also write up an announcement for our new magazines to encourage students to come and read, check out and use for research. Two class sets of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer go out - we have two different editions and not enough for both classes, so one class gets the permabound, the other gets the paperback. Lisa asks me to write an article for The Torch on the Nanowrimo by Friday, so I will do that! I help out a teacher, find diversity fiction books for a student, supervise the kids on computers for a teacher who has sent part of her students down to work on a project and the kids coming in for lunch. Repair some more books, check in and out books to students and check out some Journal of Finn Reardon for a teacher. My Nano kids come in and get to typing, working hard on their novels. So far I have seven that have signed in with me, and the pull off tabs I've put around the school for students that aren't able to stay are getting torn off so I hope that others are taking advantage of this wonderful writing opportunity.

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