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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gobbler Grams

Talked with Ms. H today about having a 'wish list' for the kids to suggest books for the coming year - both a box in the library and on the bulletin board outside the textbook window. Got The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ready for Mr. H, then later checked a class set out. Processed some magazines for in here and logged some in for teachers. I get a Gobble Gram! One of the students comes to my desk "Like a turkey Eeyore" kind of sad gobbling, in a beak, with gloves on his feet and cardboard feathers displayed around him. Ms. J sent me one and it really made my day! Put money into print accounts since my computer seemed the only one capable of doing that. Helped Ms. H display some metal art around the library, up on top of the shelves so they will be left alone! We got in a class set of Abraham Lincoln's DNA, and the teacher decided it might not work for her class, so I process them in as regular textbook novels to check out. I tear down the old November bulletin board and start getting up the December board. I always try to have the first few days done before the month starts! Also worked on some bookmarks for my Nanowrimo kids for the party next Tuesday. We have inservice tomorrow at South for Insignia training since there is no school.

Happy Thanksgiving Every One!

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