The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Caution - Novelists at Work

I came in and worked most of the day on repairs. Cleaned up the gluing I did on Friday and both copies of Twilight are ready to be checked out again - popular book since the movie comes out this Friday and a lot of kids want to reread the book before they see the movie. I go through the help section of Vision, to see what else I need to know about it. It's not working very well today for anyone here. I repair several Pre-Calculus books that have slipped out of their hinge mesh. I hold open the split in the boards with magazine holder keys, apply glue on the bottom, tuck the mesh inside the split, then more glue on top. A book on top to press it while the glue dries. I did one on Friday and it worked perfectly! We got in our new 'Popular Photography' to replace the 'American Photography' that was pushing the 'appropriate for student use' standards. I have to set up a whole new account for it. Lisa also gives me leave to go ahead and withdraw books that we just don't have the time or resources to fix, meaning that they are in really bad shape. So I withdraw about six books that are literally falling apart.Today we are half way through November for National Novel Writing Month. I bring in treats on Mondays for my kids. They say I'm the best! They are doing some great work, I hear lots of typing! I write up an announcement for the 'Thank Goodness Nano Is Over' event on December 2nd.

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