The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Long Day

Another day of conferences all day and until 7:30 tonight. I finish up the November calendar, though I may still do some tweaking on it. I'm delighted that quite a few teachers tell me they love my creativity with the calendars. Process the new Ricochet River books the author brought in earlier this month. Process in the extra Chemistry and Physical Science and Earth Science books and rearrange and relabel the Chemistry shelves and reshelve all the books there. Hand out a lot of workbooks. Process magazines. Work the Scholastic Book Fair. Help pack up the Fair and rearrange all the tables in the library back to about their usual places, one superb teacher stayed and helped us put it back with a few students lending some Oly grace. Good to hear the sounds of teachers, parents and students all talking, lots of smiles and "Glad to meet you's" going around. I help a couple of teachers. I get in my Nanowrimo workbooks today and let Mr. S take a look at one. I talk to Ms. M about Mythology books and let her know she can send some kids down to get 19 of the large version that I've repaired in my 'new books for old' campaign, and we have 27 of the small version available as well. So, I work from 9am to about 8:30 pm with a short break for lunch and a short break for dinner. So, I'm off tomorrow - along with most everyone else there!

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