The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


October 1st: A teacher was in the computer lab today having her students check out the presidential candidates. I told her about all the magazines we currently had on them. I worked out a nifty idea for holding the magazines on the bulletin board without stapling or otherwise making them inaccessible - paperclips! I stapled the hook of the paperclip, then bent out one of the sides to serve as bottom rests and another at the top so the magazines wouldn't flop over - genius! Obama, McCain and Palin all in Time and People magazine and all still available to be checked out. I also put a arrow squiggle to October 14th - the last day people can register to vote for the election. A teacher at the staff meeting had mentioned that, so I added it into the calendar. Underneath the calendar are Pay it Forward and Beowulf waiting to finish being processed. Checked out more books and more Animal Farm, responded to e-mails as appropriate and filled out the inservice form for next Friday. I checked on the status of the new Environmental Science books - ordered but not here yet. A student wanted help with the computers to go on SK Online, so I escorted him around the corner to the SK Online room. Finished Martian Chronicles, got Algebra Connections V2 ready to be handed out tomorrow. Students trickle in all day, a book here, another book there. Withdrew more Biology - the Dynamics of Life books, got the phone numbers for the Channel One service reps since two of the TV's aren't working in classrooms. Over lunch, we get the giggles and enjoy a good laugh. Our spirit for today is dressing like the 80's, so I wear a 3/4 sleeve shirt - the best I could do!

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