The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Today when I get in it's just a few minutes away from our evacuation practice. So I head back and work on some shelf space for the rest of the science books. Our group does really well with practice, and we find a boy who's lost his group, so I help him find where he's really supposed to be. A glorious fall day with lots of sunshine, so a good time to do this. When I get back, I finish rearranging all the books (8 different sets) so I can fit in all the just processed science texts for special services. Then my aide and a teacher come in and work on covering the Davids. A spanish class comes in to pick up workbooks, but it's a new teacher, so I let her know that we do have a few workbooks to check out, but mainly the kids are to purchase them so they can write the exercises in them. Our check out books are for kids that really have no funds to purchase them. I spend most of the day working on the Prentice Hall Literature Gold books that I've been regluing, and do more gluing on most of them, though one is finished and I check it back in to the shelf. Most of the others need to be reglued on their spines where the signatures are attached to. Some have nothing left where they were supposed to be anchored, so I use hinge binders to build a new spine for them. Mr. Y comes to pick up the damaged and unprocessed science books, I help him take the two cart fulls out to his car and bring the carts back. Mr. C comes in and checks out a set of Journal of Finn Reardon. I put money from kids into their print accounts. I do the check-out desk and finish the Davids, checking in and out books, shelve the manga that have come back, go over the computer lab and that's about it for this week.

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