The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


October 6th: Sad very used copies of Mythology books :( to Happy Repaired and Ready to check out copies :)
I go through the Mythology books and check the hinges, they came out very well! I help a couple of students, and a teacher. Lisa comes by and asks "Did you see your presents?" I have 9 new boxes of texts in the workroom. I had walked right by them and never noticed from the path I took around the workroom table! David Copperfield has come in and at long last, the new Environmental Science texts. They are beautiful! David won't be needed until December since Mr. S came by while we were opening boxes, but he will need some Prentice Hall Literature Platinum for 6th and 8th period today. I cart them up and have them out by my desk for later. I e-mail Mr. W and let him know the texts were in and I would start them immediately and let him know when they were done. There were a couple that we need to ship back since they arrived damaged, but I finish the 38 others and let him know they are ready to go. I check out both classes for the PH Lit Platinum books, help more students. I finish up the Mythology books and they are all ready to be traded out. I finish the day processing Pay it Forward, make room on the shelves and tuck it in.

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