The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Calloo! Callay!

Get in this morning to more boxes in the workroom. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight hath arrived as well as the French 2 workbooks. I move the French 2 workbooks onto shelves. I e-mail teachers and receive a "Calloo! Callay!" about Sir Gawain. I process the new magazines that have arrived and decide to e-mail one of our administrators about our missing October Thrasher since the new November issue has arrived. I let her know the missing holder was around $15 and the magazine cost $4. I bring out the toolkits for the Foundations of Algebra, but no one shows up to get them. Our bookkeeper comes in and we go through the invoices I pull off the boxes so she can make sure she's got them all accounted for. I get my items for the Young Writers Program for Nanowrimo, an awesome poster plus 2 others, stickers and buttons. I craft a new bulletin board for the workroom door on the Teen Read week - Books with Bite. I help a dozen or so individual student requests. I set up a couple of aides to break in the spines on Sir Gawain and put the barcodes in the back. I move shelves in the back for Beowulf and David Copperfield. I notice that a couple of shelves are falling down because they don't have proper pins in supporting them, so I go and get pins, move books so I can set the pins in, and reset them. I renumber shelves for them, and also for Biology and Chemistry since I hadn't before. I find a problem as a student wants to join the Young Writers Program, but the computers at school won't let us access that site. I send lifering tech help to Ms Taylor. I finish the day working on Sir Gawain as he will be needed next month.

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