The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Election Fair

I drive in to see all the kids outside, some kind of fire drill, so I wait along with them until we are cleared to go in. Inside the library today and tomorrow there is an Election Fair. Classes review candidates, parties and measures while other classes come in and ask questions. Very noisy! But a good noisy. The volume speaks for the interest of the kids. I process in the new magazines, take the teacher copies to the mailroom. Helped at least 10 kids over the day get books. Added a new kid in and got him books off his schedule. Helped some other students looking for diversity books in the fiction section. Made room for the Davids that are all finished and labeled the shelves. Got workbooks for a few students. I worked on the repairs for the Prentice Hall Literature Gold books and they are coming nicely. Ms. S came by and needed a book, so I got one of the ones that I had completed and she thought it looked so much better than it had before. Ms. T came and changed out my computer. I now have Vision so I can see in real time what sites the computer classes are on. I spend some time going back and forth, checking out the kids, seeing what the program can do. Take down the old bulletin board from Teen Read Week from outside the workroom door.

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