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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Acting French

September 23rd: I'm just starting to note down some of the stuff I do, and today we received Discovering French texts in from another school. I have to enter them into our program, and check out both year 1 & 2 to our French teacher waiting for her to come and get them. We get in one of our new acting books, Respect for Acting by Uta Hagen. I process the books and since they are hardback with covers, I have to laminate the 35 covers by putting them through the laminator, which seems to take forever feeding them one by one. Since I'm there, I also laminate the small pile of things that teachers have left for us to laminate when the machine is on and we have time. There was about 12 of them. Back at my desk, I carefully crease the laminated covers, tape them with heavy duty strapping tape, and go down the row. I get about half of them all done and completed. One of our aides needed something to do earlier, so I hand Bilbo off to him and he finishes processing the Hobbit books. I find when he's done that he's mixed up numbering books with the barcode tag numbers, so we (Lisa and I) carefully peel off the barcodes and put them on the right books. I'm thinking that was my fault for not telling him about that. I don't think he's processed textbooks before. Time to paint! After work, I put on grubs and put a second coat of paint on the light blue wall, but don't quite get it all done before my paint can runs empty, it's about 5 pm, and I clean up and leave it for tomorrow.

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