The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, October 17, 2008

CIS anyone?

Today is an advisory day. I have a group in my lab, but they are the wrong group. The teacher is a sub so we work around it thanks to the group that was supposed to be here. The students need to check their personal information, add in their transcripts from last year and write in the 'My Plan' area on 'Self Knowledge', 'Research and Goals' and 'Education Plans'. A lot to accomplish. I look up log-in numbers, and help direct them on the website. Processed magazines today, covered Sir Gawain and all 70 of them are now done and on their new shelf. Promoted Nanowrimo and talked to several kids about trying it next month, made some more signs. I have three already signed up and looking forward to more! I've started to use some old 'tattle-tape' on the magazines. We can't use this kind on the books so I will use up these old ones for magazines. I helped students all day long with various requests for checking in, and out books - clean up my shelf by my desk, and proudly wearing my 'orange out' shirt for the game tonight and "0" earrings that I made this morning at home. Go Olys!

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