The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Conferences begin!

The election fair is just winding down and students eruditely discuss the merits of the primary election system. Our Thrasher magazine has returned! So I put in the new issue and put it back out on display. We thought it had been taken, but one of the aides checked it out to a student, holder and all! I help a student on a grammatical question of 'thru' or 'through'. I will begin to send out the new Channel One extra clips out to the teachers so they can see what other programs are available. They have a nice web site with lots of information. I process Mythology books with an aide, and we make room for them on the shelves, relabeling and moving other texts around. I sifted through the political displays that have been piled up in the magazine area to make sure that there are no magazines or books shuffled in with them. Processed new magazines, checked in a class set of books and let the teacher know he still had three checked out to him, printed barcodes for our substitute librarian to process books and cover them. Started putting together the new November bulletin board and we talked about the new job description worksheet that BJ received to make sure we get a good overall view of what the assistant library media folks do. I also work late during conferences since we won't be here on Friday, so we push a few extra hours tonight and more tomorrow to cover for that. I actually have a couple of students come back to check things out in the back here. 9am to 7:45pm, short break for lunch and dinner and back again tomorrow.

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