The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Speed Walking Seagulls

Today I walk in to find a couple of our aides trying to put away books in the dark. They couldn't find the light switch for back in the textbook stacks, so I show them where it is, back on the wall behind all the teacher materials. There are kids out in the hallway working on projects, I hear a girl say "O.K. Start speed walking now!" I check e-mails, Ms. C wants to know if we can get extra copies of her texts, so I send her the status. She decides she'll be O.K. this semester, but would like extras of World of Fashion Merchandising she needs for next semester so I send out an e-mail to the other schools. Ms. L wants to know if her acting books are in yet ~ not yet! I go back to processing Sir Gawain. I get a new aide! I love my aides! So, I show her the stacks and where everything goes, then she helps me with Sir G. I get a call from Mr. M and we need two class sets of Lord of the Flies, so we take a cart and she loads up the 70 books and brings them out. We finish Sir G except for covering, so I take her in the workroom and we roll out the contact paper and I show her how to cover. I check in Mr. M's students The Importance of Being Earnest and a few Animal Farms, and check out Lord of the Flies. I have her put away TIoBE and others, and back to covering. A set of students is in my lab writing stories, I hear something about seagulls, poor jumper and a song about Valkyries or some other ancient myth! Lisa brings a box, yeah! The Actor's Wheel of Connection has arrived. So, I put everything else aside for now and tackle them. Get them on the computer, barcodes printed, and start stamping and numbering. Lisa comes over and we talk about World of Fashion Merchandising. I haven't found copies yet from the other schools, and we look at the copyrights to see that most of ours are very outdated, 1998, four new ones from 2003, so every five years, and we wonder if there will be a new edition. I poke around on the book sites, nothing, but find an article about the author that she is putting together a new edition coming out March 2009. So they will think about purchasing new ones next year if the budget allows. I go back to the Actor's Wheel. Lisa has to leave early, so I go around checking the room, pushing in chairs, shooing the kids over to my area since the green lab is reserved for homework club. The new InFocus machine is still on, and I find the remote to turn it off. Put away stuff, help out kids, I probably average about 12 individual requests a day. I'll have to check on that. Lock up. Cover one more Actor's Wheel and I go home for the night.

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