The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sound of Hands Clapping

October 8th: Last day of school this week. I start today processing magazines, the new Asimov's has come in and I notice that our Smithsonian subscription is a donated by a couple down near Eugene, so I give the outside wrapper to Lisa so she can send a thank you to them. I also do a new Time and People magazine. I go back to covering books, assist individual students. Checked out some teacher materials. Talked with another teacher about a student who might be a good aide for me back in textbooks. I miss my aides from last year! Checked in a class set of Journal of Finn Reardon. Get all the Understanding Movies all covered, so I move them to their shelf and adjust it. I set up David Copperfield in Trac-it and print out the barcodes for it. Tried to find a book for a student. A teacher brought in some materials to process and I got them all done and checked out so she could have them tonight. Today, I heard a class all clapping down the hall from some nearby room. It made me smile.

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