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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Energy Buzzing

Lisa comes in and asks me how the Nanowrimo meeting went Tuesday night. So, I let her know I had two students and two parents come in and it did take from 7-7:30. I had the kids get on the site and show their parents around. Answered a few questions, made sure they knew that "Homework is #1! Nanowrimo is secondary." I also left them my school number and my school e-mail address for any questions or concerns. I then went over to the Pantheon and listened to the last half of the orchestra concert, they were amazing. I started processing the magazines that came in late yesterday. I also made a new topper for the spinner rack since the old one said 'Check out what you missed over the summer!" to a more general "Back issues available for check out - ask for assistance on issues from January 2007 on" - more or less. The "Mole Song" went well on Channel One and we had several students hunting our 'mole' during the day. He was up with The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4 book. Mr.'s C, G, and M all have classes in the library this morning and it's a buzzing place. Kids working on posters, others gleaning stuff off the internet, talk swirling around the shelves. Gotta love seeing the kids all excited. Ms. T talks to her doctor and Lisa takes her down to the hospital. I let BJ and Ms. R know where they are both going. Mr. M calls over for Fahrenheit 451 and I get two class sets ready for him to check out. I also check in the books the kids bring back, Animal Farm and The Importance of Being Earnest. We have some help for the morning so I put her to work on the science books I was processing and she nearly gets them all completed. In between everything else I cover more David's. I go up to the front and work the book fair when BJ leaves and check in and out books, help a student pick a book from his reading list, go with our bookkeeper checking on some workbooks that may or may not have come in. I don't recall seeing them and there's nothing on the shelves. Back up the Trac-It files for the night and head for home.

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