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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ricochet Author

October 7th: I put the Mythology books back on their shelf after checking them in. We had a substitute come in looking for something to do so I showed her how to cover books with contact paper. I attend our monthly classified meeting with BJ at 10:00. The Environmental Science class comes in and checks out the new book. Ms. C brings in a bunch of teacher materials and I process them for her. Covered two new books for a student who wanted to check them out for the weekend. Restacked surplus boxes from kids coming in and looking for a certain set of books they had accidentally packed. Got in the new math toolkits, put them on a shelf, they'll be needed on Monday. Rearranged shelf to get ready for my next project, organizing the teacher materials. The author for Ricochet River, Robin Cody, is coming in to swap out editions. I pack up 34 of the old copies and he will bring in 34 of the new edition. He swaps them out, and I forgot to withdraw them from the computer, so I do that by hand. It would have been easier to withdraw them off the barcodes before I packed them! Good thing Lisa caught that! Covered more Understanding Movies, and work on the announcement for Monday that I'll be hosting Nanowrimo next month. I also e-mail Jenny to set up a parent/student information meeting for the week after next.

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