The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Book Fair!

I come in and do some email checking and clean up my box. Then I break in the spines of the science books to add into our inventory since the department head wants two class sets of the three editions. The others I box up for Mr. Y to come and get and disperse to other schools. The Book Fair set-up has arrived and I help Lisa set up the tables and get out the books for display. This will run through conferences. Ms. K wants to run a video she took on her camera with her students singing about 'Mole' Day tomorrow, but it needs to get on a DVD. So I take it over to the tech crew and they work on it for me. I take Ms. K back her camera and let her know we're working on it. Mr. A comes in to see how we run the Channel One set up, so I show him, and then the videos we've played, and he takes one with him to see how it's set up. By the time school ends they have accomplished the transformation and Channel One will play it (yeah!) so we will run it tomorrow. I cover more David's then help a teacher, help students, check in Wild Children from a teacher and put them away.

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