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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Backpacking Spirit

September 30th: Today was sport day, to wear your favorite jersey or whatever, and since my favorite sport is hiking I wore my hiking boots, jeans, Denali National Park shirt, my compass around my neck with my safety whistle off a caribiner on my belt loop. On the textbook window I had my day pack, a couple of topo maps, a photo album of my daughter and I backpacking in Alaska and a couple of books. John Muir's Alaska and my current read A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. I checked some more of the gluing on the Mythology books,did some additional work on several more and got a couple more back on the shelf. Checked out The Importance of Being Earnest for two classes. Packed up some more books for the surplus mountain in the workroom. I covered more books and monitored the computer lab and taught a student how to paste pictures into documents. Since it was the end of September, time for a new A/B calendar. I decided to go with a patriotic theme. The students here are really getting into the presidential race and I wanted to highlight that for this last month before the election. I take down all the September stuff and get the blue and red background up. Then, I wanted to do stars with the dates and my initial plan was all wrong, so I ended up staying later to get things reconfigured and came up with a great set up. So, I leave with October first up as an A day, just so kids know in the morning and head home 45 minutes late. Goodbye September!

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