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Monday, October 6, 2008

Banned Book Week

September 29th: I worked on my 'Banned Book Week' bulletin board outside the workroom and pulled up the 'challenged' books from 2008. I wrote them up with why they were challenged and posted that on there also. It's also Homecoming week for us and I come in Junior color (black) since I am working the CIS Advisory with the Juniors at the moment. Checked out the new Physics books to a class and a set of TM's (teacher materials) on Physics as well. The gluing I did on Friday was great and I just needed to put wings on the Mythology books, check them back in (they were in 'repair') and put them on the shelf. We got in extra books from North HS and I processed in Foundations of Algebra Year 2 Volume 1 and Street Law. These are the easiest to do, find the title in our system, scan the barcode, enter book number, condition and school they are from, and after the first one it's just enter, enter, enter. Easy! I e-mailed the teachers to let them know that we now had more copies. Got in some new Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty and tucked them into our overflow shelves from the regular library. Cleaned up the worktable. Pulled out 65 World Literature books for a block class and checked them out to students. Assisted a teacher with TM's. Checked out a class set of Animal Farm. A teacher brought in a box of Physics TM's from the box of stuff they got this summer, so I processed it, let him know that some had been processed and had been checked out to him, but they were now checked in. Did a book repair for a teacher, and lastly attended a mandatory meeting for all staff that worked after 2:45. One other thing I do at the end of my shift is to back up our Trac-It program. Pull open the folder, drag out the old information, put in todays set, close and rename it. Just in case something happens to the program overnight. Goodnight!

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