The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grading & Inservice days

October 9th: I check the bus DVD for Channel One, it loops every 18 seconds and has no sound. I take it back to the administrator that brought it. The rest of my half day (2 hrs, 53 mins) I work on our repair pile. Tipping in pages from the Precalculus books and hinge gluing for the Prentice Hall Literature Gold books. I have a nice pile sitting to dry by the time I leave on my desk, and another set on the workroom counter.
October 10th: Our inservice day and I go with BJ to Liberty Elementary to learn more about book repair and Insignia. Two wonderful ladies from the Salem Public Library share their skills, insights, and professional knowledge about keeping our collections going. They give us handouts and the items they are currently using. They were very wonderful and I wish they could have been with us all day! We talked about Insignia (the library program) and then we could stay for a training on the video streaming we now have available. I also got to see a demonstration on the Smartboards - which I'd heard of, but hadn't seen yet. A very productive day.

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