The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Magazine Work

September 22: I spend today getting the magazines all straightened out. We've ordered in some new titles and gotten in all new holders for the display copies since the old ones were nearly falling apart. I take the copies and process them on Insignia, adding in new titles or new issues, putting in a 'tattle tape' metal strip, barcoding and taping the side of the magazines with issue name and date. I put new name tags on the display case, and rearrange the spinner rack so each issue has its own slot, except for People, Sports Illustrated and Time that get an issue every week, they get a couple of spaces. I told a student about the new Smithsonian when she saw my screen saver was Stonehenge and that they had an article on the first excavation there in a long time. I did a bulletin board outside the workroom door on all the magazines we carry now. I was gratified to see that students did look at the display since several front cover figures were sporting new mustaches a few days later. I spent the last part of the day processing Hobbits.

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