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Friday, October 3, 2008

Corners and Wings, Oh my!

September 24th: I finish up the Respect for Acting books when I get in. We have these marvelous telescoping book shelves in the back. The ends and the middle are stable, but two sets in the front and three in the back are on gliders mounted into the floor. So we have eight shelves in a space that would normally only hold 5. When they're filled with books, you really have to put your weight into the handles to move them. Today I go into the English section (each department has its own area) and find the 'R' books and have to move a few sets of books over a bit to make room for the new Respect's. I relabel the shelves and sharpie in the new title on the end list. When we put books away at the end of semester and school, every book has a place so if we need to check if Bilbo really did turn in #872 of the American Pathways book, we don't have to search all 950+ of them to do it, just the one part of the shelf it should be on.
I am handed the new Exam Pro Views for one of the new science books, process them in (just five) and send out a notifying e-mail to the science department.
Our Highsmith order has come in and it's like amazing! Mainly book repair items and I'm excited to see what I need to make sure our collection stays usable. The corners are for the corners of the hard cover books, where they start to come apart after being pulled in and out of packs for a semester. The wings are for the ends of the spine, another prime area that takes a beating. I have a rainbow of colors for each of the texts that need serious help. Green for the Prentice Hall Literature Gold books for our 9th graders (that are mostly green colored); blue for the Prentice Hall Literature Platinum books for the sophomores (that are mostly blue); brown for the Calculus and Precalculus books, well beloved by the math department for their amazingly teachable approach and should have been retired a long time ago; red for the American Experience, the 11th grade literature text; clear for the books that need some help but aren't quite in any color code and orange for the Bienvenidos books. I have heard that the International Language department may be getting their adoption this next year, so before I put time and materials into these, I will check to see. We also get our Permacell tape that I use on the edges of the hard covers and elsewhere, and our new tape for the magazine ends for 2009. I decided to get a deep blue. I'm in corner and wing heaven! I go over the invoice and check in each baggy filled with book repairing joy. About 200 sets.
One of the Physics teachers come by and they will pick up texts in the next day or so, so I put a couple of class sets on a cart for the morning. The Calculus kids come in and request a second copy of their texts. They keep one in class and one at home so the books don't get so damaged going back and forth. We have them sign a 'second text out' slip and hand the book out. Our Youth & Law teacher doesn't have enough books for his class, so I e-mail the other high schools requesting 10 extra copies. Our old Teacher Librarian, the incredible Claudia has called from another school. She is retired now and is doing some sub work and has forgotten how to print barcodes for textbooks so I give her directions.
My lovely new daughter-in-law comes in for a tour as I get off work, so I show her around the school her hubby went to. He graduated in 2005. She helps me finish the second coat of light blue paint and does the finite touch ups around the shelves and doors. I invite her over for dinner.

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