The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Signing up for Nanowrimo

I get my first kids to sign up for the National Novel Writing Month's Young Writer's Program - I set out some more posters for it and write an announcement for tomorrow. I process some magazines first and the picture on one of them is questionable - so I query Lisa and she suggests we ask one of the photo teachers to look at it. Ms. M suggests we go with a different magazine for next year. I think we will do that. Actor's Wheel of Connection goes out. I help my aide with covering Sir Gawain. The new computers are in the lab. I thank Ms. T for getting the computers to come up with the Young Writer's Program and she says she sent it on and they took care of it. I do individual requests all day long, checking in and out. I talk with Mr. R about setting up a Trac-It program for the yearbook kids and how to barcode and track the equipment. We get a cart load of American Heritage books in and they are fascinating. We decide to email the department to see if anyone wants them and Ms. O walks in and sees them and she wants them. We find a spot for Sir Gawain and start putting them on the shelf and Actor's Wheel has a spot at the end of the Business section and the front of the English section. Covering Sir Gawain goes on all day.

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