The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just a Monday

Worked through the books I left a week or so ago, I had a lot of end paper gluing to do and now I checked through them all to see what other gluing they required. I brought in a small bottle to put glue into since the big bottle is getting too far down to reach. I take the books and do more gluing, checking in for use the few that don't need any other work. I have my aide put up Nanowrimo posters up around the school, she loved being able to walk all over. When she got back I had her barcode, stamp and number David Copperfield. Lisa got the number of Ebsco from me and we are able to change the subscription of American Photo to Popular Photo. Processed three new magazines, the December editions - the year is almost done! Helped numerous students and some parents brought in textbooks for their child. They also had 2 Language of Medicine books that students buy. I told them they'd have to check with the bookkeeper, that I didn't know if we refunded workbooks. Checked on the Science texts that came damaged and that are unprocessed since we haven't heard from anyone on what to do with them. Checked on a damaged Government Today book and Lisa thinks we will have the student work off the cost since it is growing mold and they do not have the ability to pay for it. Bookbyte doesn't carry it, nor the Northwest Text Depository, but Amazon has a couple of copies for around $22 and the publisher sells the new edition for $33. My aide comes back in since she had study hall with nothing to do and we finish the day covering David Copperfield. Mr. H comes by and will pick up Brave New World on Friday. I e-mail BJ and Lisa to let them know the class will be coming in. We are putting this new practice in place since last week a class came in and there was some confusion since they were not on the list of who was where in the library. We decided that I should let BJ and Lisa know when a teacher asks for texts, so they also know what's going on.

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