The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tipping Pages

They say that cow tipping is fun, so I guess for librarians, you need to do page tipping! When a page has fallen out, we repair by taking glue and making a line down other paper, then carefully run the edge of the dislocated page (be careful to make sure you put glue on the right side!) through the glue, and 'tip' the page back into the spine. I do a bunch of the Precalculus as that is their main problem. Some books have one page, others up to ten pages that have come out, and most of the pages are ragged on the edges. I may trim some of that so they don't deteriorate further. I take the Biology - Pacemaker books and process 10 more since a student has come looking for one. Looking over emails I find a nice one on how Sprague shines as a great school, and the plans for evacuation test on Friday. We also get permission to ship out the damaged science books, so I box them up and get them ready to go. We also decide to process two class sets of the special services science books, so I will do another 30 each and send the rest off to see if other schools are short of these. I help a student with some Word formatting for a paper, get workbooks for others, look for a billed Algebra book for a student. I spend a lot of time with the David's today covering them and putting them on a shelf. I have my Nanowrimo meeting tonight and may attend the Orchestra concert when I'm done with that.

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