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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Repairing through a Tuesday

Today I spent most of the day working on repairs. A lot of the Prentice Hall Literature Gold books just needed a bit of tweaking until they could be released, so I worked on mending tears, taping, whiting out remarks and yes, more back on the shelves throughout the day. My stack on the back counter wall for letting glue set is diminishing! We tried to get lunch together, and it seems we're always interrupted. Lisa got a phone call, BJ had to help students, I had to get up and help a teacher and find some information for a student. After lunch I started to barcode our replacement Mythology books, and when my computer was replaced, the barcode font didn't get over, so I tapped the lifering on my screen and sent a notice to tech services. Then I picked up some old inventory stuff from last June. We discovered that we had about 60 of the PHL Gold, that were not around. Though they were on the inventory, they had never been checked out since 2000 when they were first entered. Lisa decided that even though the barcodes had printed, we had never used them. So I got all the barcode numbers and deleted them off. Next I will go through the teacher's inventory numbers and get those down to actual counts. Mr. H finally brought his class in to get Brave New World. I also got in all the textbooks from the library and had them ready for my aide to put away. The best way to learn the bookstacks is to put stuff away. Then I had her labeling shelves for next June when books come back. I had a lot of kids come in today to get the French 2 workbooks to check out, and we only have six, so I sent an email to Ms. B to let her know we were all out. She sent back to clarify that we still had plenty to purchase, and I said 'yes, lots of those still here.' The Election Fair was still on today, so lots of students in and out, lots of activity. I helped with a class while a teacher had to take care of some other business. I also got to help a student find a book with some possible topics for her prose speech. I love working with the students and she picked two books to take home and look over. That made me feel good!

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