The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Heard from South HS that they didn't want the Dime books, so I packed them up for surplus. I also took their isbn #'s and three other texts and e-mail Follett to see if they would like to buy any. Did the usual check in/out, $ into print accounts. Got in a box of resources I had no idea whose they were, so I e-mailed the office manager, found out who ordered them and they were almost immediately picked up! Did a repair on a biology dictionary. Then we got boxes, lots of boxes! I was so excited! Hoping they were our desparately need Realidades I checked the labels, nope! They were our new German books - Deutsch Aktuell. I sorted them out. Texts, workbooks, teacher resources and checked them off. Let the World Languages IL know they were here. She came and looked through them and I will catalogue and barcode the teacher resources when I come in the morning. I worked on breaking in the new DA level 2 books after Mrs. M and Mrs. H had left for the day up at the main desk. Sent in a life ring request to see if I can get Trac-it transferred with my login when I have to trade desks. Heard from Follett that none of the books are anything they need at the moment - oh well!

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