The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Had a phone call from a disgruntled mom calling about why we didn't have any Geometry books there. She offered to go out and buy a book so I gave her Bookbyte and told her they had some available and she told me that we should be over there buying them, not her. I could feel her frustration. However, I did use that to contact the loaner school again and get things going. They responded immediately and by 1:30pm we had the books in and were checking them out. It's often too bad that it takes a complaint to get things to happen. Made up the outside bulletin board for banned book week. I had some stuff from last year so I used that and added to it. I think it turned out good! We had our first advisory today and I worked with the sophomores checking personal information and getting classes entered. Checked in and out individual books. Put money on print accounts. Got a box of Algebra books sent back to South since they had run out. Checked on the PO for our back-ordered Realidades books. Mrs. H was hoping we might be able to get at least the on-line access codes for them. Sent an e-mail to central stores to return some of the books we had purchased that had defects.

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