The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Finally today I got time to do my mandatory 'training' on the district web site and fill out all my paperwork for the year, and turned all that in! Lots of individual students, a few classes came in. E-mails sent for books and we'll be getting some math from another school! Yeah for sharing! Got all the magazines out to teachers today and started barcoding the pile of magazines in the back. A teacher had some old texts and wanted to know if he should just throw them away, I said 'No!' and had him bring them to me for processing out and to box up for surplus. Barcoded some new AVID resources and a found teacher edition of our 10th grade lit book. My repair on a lit book yesterday worked fabulous and the girl came in and was very happy (since I didn't have any copies to replace it). Heard a student and a teacher talking about his love of writing and asked if he knew about Nanowrimo, and he hadn't, so I showed it to him and the teacher asked for me to send the link, so I did. A very good day!

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