The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Discovered this new word today! It's a book genre! Check out the definition and how to pronounce it here: We were lucky that Mr. J, our german teacher, was in the library and he told us how to pronounce it! I did a new book review since I hadn't done one yet this year and worked on my book talk list since Mrs. H said Mr. C was asking if I'd come and do one for his sci-fi/fantasy class. Pulled The Martian Chronicles and Ender's Game for that class as well. We had an unexpected fire drill and that took some time since the school had to track down what had happened. Shipped out the rest of Working with Young Children to South and asked them about some Dime books a teacher had brought in. Withdrew the Reading and Writing Sourcebook and sent those over to Mrs. D. Had a teacher request a resource on Kandinsky, and we thought it was a book, and I couldn't find it. Then I realized it was a print and found it in our poster collection and took it to her. Learned that we needed to e-mail our freight to Mr. C to get picked up. We had been able to leave out a box or two to get picked up, but this year they said no, we need to e-mail every box for a pick-up. Checked on getting a teacher edition, put money into print accounts and did more individual checking in and out.

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