The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Huzzah! Our Realidades came rolling in today and I got 175 all broken in, processed and ready for checking out! I started working on my October calendar when the boxes came rolling in. I managed to get some of it up, but still have more to go! But books come first! I had to help check out diversity books this afternoon after Mrs. M left for the day up at her desk for about 45 minutes. Then we had a great book on a bully come in yesterday, so I checked our union link on the library info page, and since one was already logged in, I could just call in and get a barcode number for it so it can go on my shelf tomorrow! I got the barcode and spine printed up, so just need to laminate the cover! Yeah! Had two of our Spanish teachers come in before I left looking at the new book so I got a bit hung up talking with them. They will bring classes in on Monday to check out the new texts. Then I turn around, and the German 1 books came in! A wealth of books is always good!

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