The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, September 10, 2010


At least we got a few moments to breathe today! I even got up the numbers for the calender on the bulletin board for this month, finally! Though nothing else has been done, unburied a few books in piles. Talked to tech services about again not being able to get into the Main Frame. Did about 1200 checkouts today and got ready for Monday morning. Had some student help today and that was very nice. As the class sets slowed up a bit, we started to get in all the individual requests. One boy dropped a class, brought back his book, then decided to go ahead and take it, so back to get the one book checked back out to him! Others were students that didn't have their card with them on a certain day and we have to hand pick their books for them. Other kids drop a class and get another book for the next one. A few kids are bringing back books from last year and they have to get checked in and off to the main frame to take those books off their bill (except for me since I can't get on, hopefully it'll be fixed by Monday!). It just takes a lot more time, but the kids are great and we get them taken care of!

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