The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Algebra 2

I am so excited that Mrs. H returned today! She left me a little present (she knows I love Mint 3 Musketeer bars) and it was good to have her back! Checked in(5)/out(15), put money in print accounts(3). Mostly repaired all day. Had a student ask to get her paperback math book covered and I did that for her. Processed one teacher magazine and two for the library. Worked in the back reshelving the math books after realigning and renumbering the shelves for the rest of the Algebra 2 Vol. 1 books and got through over half of the Algebra 2 V2 books. Exciting day for me, my son should be on his way out of Afghanistan back to be reunited with his family after 11 months there. He's only seen his daughter for two weeks in all that time and I was jumping around all day hoping to get the call that he was done and home! Well, they could be hugging each other a long time too!

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