The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The One Kissing That Guy

A student came and asked if I could unlock her documents, so I looked at her computer and said I would ask Mr. B when he came back. He just happened to come back and asked where she was and I pointed and said, "Oh, she's the one kissing that guy up there." Of course I would look just then. Got in the Analysis books in from McKay today to beef up our collection. Worked on repairs. Started boxing up the cart loads of old German resources from Mr. J's old room that the substitute decided to get rid of. One of the students that really misses Mr. J came and looked through stuff and we found a 1913 copy of an English/German grammar book. Since the student really likes German and does research on the wars, I let him have the book (even though I secretly would have liked to give it to my son) and he was very appreciative. Boxed up two carts of stuff and will work on more tomorrow. We got in a box of office supplies and I checked them in and took it up to Mrs. H and Mrs. M so they could restock. Entered in a new student. Helped another with unlocking her computer. Checked in/out a few things. Helped up front a little. Made a couple of 'pass checks' through the library. Glad to be back!

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