The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fish in the Eddies

Had to laugh at a couple of kids that were looking for a friend today. Four came in the main doors, two proceeded further while two just kind of circled between the door and our metallic gates. They came together and then drifted apart and finally all left. They were so cute! Did more repairs today, got down the spanish Foundations of Algebra books and after talking with the department head we decided to keep them for the math department. They also don't use the CPM Calculus books, so I asked schools who needed them and one got back to me so I withdrew them, marked them all out and will box and ship tomorrow. Checked out a class set of Colored People. Worked the front desk a bit this morning and it was busy. Processed in three magazines for the library and one for a teacher. Had one of our aides pull all the math books out of the shelves I'm redoing in the back. Found a book Mrs. H thought got taken last night. Mrs. H had a meeting to go to this afternoon, so I locked up the library when my shift was over. Pulled down the screen and kind of made sure things looked pretty nice since there is another function in the library tonight.

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