The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today I came in and Ms. L and Mrs. M were looking for a book, Laika. So I poked around a bit, and when a student asked for a particular book, I happened to look over, and there it was! We checked it out to Ms. O and I took it to her and she was very excited and was talking to her class about it as I left. A student came by looking for Zombie Survival Guide and I had to tell him it was checked out with 4 holds on it. He decided to wait a bit. Did a lot of repairs today and got the last set of Platinum books out to start on. Did two book reviews. Checked in(9)/out(4); log-ins(1) and money into print accounts(4). Ms. C was coming in for her class to look at our collection of Life Magazines. These are all bound in 2 to 3 month books, very nicely. Her aide picked up all the 1950's and 51's. So I e-mailed Ms. C about what she wanted, and she wanted a cross of all the 50's. So I placed on the tables starting with 1950 and had 12 books out for the students to look at. Then we discussed having a new set out for each of her classes on Friday, so after she left today, I picked up all the ones the students had looked at, and put out new issues for Friday morning. They are amazing! I had another student check out this afternoon, and one gal I helped with the books she had out. One had been mismarked on the billing, so I straightened that one out, cleared the two books off the main frame she brought in, then gave her our used book seller address and the isbn of the other two books she still has out. Veteran's Day tomorrow, so no school. Thank you to all the veteran's out there. We have several at our school and my son is currently in Afghanistan (though I hope to hear any day that he is back with his family on base in Italy). Thank you all for your service.

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