The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Monday the 1st - What with National Novel Month Starting, the Knockout Quiz and life in general, I forgot to post yesterday! I finished up the calendar, and though it is busy, I like it. Got in the 6-Way Paragraph books for the English department and asked them if they wanted them as teacher resources or for students. Got in the 4th edition of Literature Reading Drama, Poetry and Essays. We had to buy these on the Amazon Marketplace so they are coming in from all over! I took one to Mrs. M and had her check it against the edition they're using right now and she was very happy! So I barcoded all of those and got them ready for check out. Got in 8 boxes of our Baker and Taylor order - Huzzah! That was awesome! I unpacked them all. Found a book for a student who had one on hold and got that ready for her to pick up today. Mrs. M left and since Mrs. H was teaching, I closed down my window and took a cart of repair books up to the front and worked the front counter. Checking kids coming in to see if they had a pass, having it stamped, making sure they sign in the front notebook, checking in and out, it is very busy up there! Mrs. M does a fabulous job on keeping all that going up there.

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