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Monday, November 8, 2010

Dive! Dive!

Mrs. H is still out and will be all week, but Mrs. M was out again today which really surprised me, so we had two subs again today. (Get it? Subs, submarines, dive...) Had to immediately unlock the cabinet so we could load the copier with more paper. Processed in one teacher magazine and one for us. A student is withdrawing so had to go in on the Main Frame and check her account. She brought in a bunch of books so I cleared those and she also had three from other schools, so I packed them up and sent them off. One of our teachers came and asked "That book you recommended, I need the next one, who was that?" "Graceling by Kristin Cashore, right over there." That's always fun! Talked with Mr. M and Ms. L on her doing a book talk on graphic/sci fi for his class on Friday. He asked me, but she is very good with graphic novels and I won't be in on time to work his first class, so it worked out well. Did a bunch of repair work Checked in more billed books. One novel came from North and was badly water damaged. I let them know and they said to just damage it out. We got in our replacement The Arrival copies, so I called LMSS to see how to do the labels, they're different than the usual since it is a lit set. They walked me through it and I got them all labeled and ready to go. Worked on some lab scheduling since Mrs. H isn't here, we have a copy printed out so we can add or adjust as necessary!

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