The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lost Focus

Last night before I left, I set up the DVD player and Infocus set up we have so a group could use it for a meeting. This morning the set up was gone. Someone just came by and took it. It's frustrating that someone thinks they can just come be, see some equipment and take off with it. What if someone needed it and had requested it? They'd be out of luck. I didn't notice until this afternoon, took a look around, asked Mrs. M and Ms. L if they'd seen it when they came in and they said no. I sent out an e-mail and no one had answered by the time I left. Gave out a couple of 2 Textbooks out slips today. Mrs. H has a special key for the locking back of the computer lab desks and has it at home with her! We asked around, and the techies didn't have one, so I scrounged in the back and found some keys and voila! one fits! So we have a key! Monitored kids and their passes. Two kids had old passes, one from October, one from September! We told them, no, they had to go get a new one for today. Did repairs. Had a student report some of what she thought may be hacking issues. Had two damaged books come in today. Processed four teacher magazines and three for the library. Did the usuals, checking in(3)/out(8), money in print accounts(5) and getting log-in numbers (3).

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