The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Got some more books ready for check out and checked out a class set of Algebra books. Did a lot of individual check ins and outs. Mrs. M and Mrs. H rearranged their desks up front and it seems to be working better. I helped Mrs. H last night a little bit. Worked on the oversized books, gluing hinges, prepping the laminated covers. Redid the shelves on the cart to just two shelves instead of three. I think we might have just enough space for what's left in the back! Had the seniors for CIS this morning and had to get them to finish up their courses since it will be the last time in the computer lab this year. Spent some time cleaning up the library since we have a competition using the school and they will be in the library as well, so I made sure computers were off, all chairs pushed in, magazines arranged where they belong, books reshelved from the science class looking up elements. It all looked good when I left for the weekend.

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